RMA Return Refund & Exchange For WooCommerce Pro Live Demo

WooCommerce RMA Plugin provides an easy refund, exchange, and cancel request interface for the purchased product to customers/guest users.

On Demand Features

Refund Setting

Refund Setting

It means the user can send refund request for order product multiple times even any of previous refund request is processed.

Exchange Setting

Exchange Setting

It means the user can send exchange request for order product multiple times even any of previous return request is processed.

Cancel Setting

Cancel Setting

Allow your customers not to cancel whole order due to one. Just check the black sheep.

Wallet Setting

Wallet Setting

Provide the flexibility to your customers to get the refunded amount in e-wallets of your store.

report feature

RMA Report Feature

Now, you can access a comprehensive overview of returns, refunds, and exchanges all in one place, and there are several advantages to this.

  • Data-driven decisions for admins.
  • Proactive issue resolution for better customer experience.
  • Cost savings from return process improvements.
  • Efficient inventory management based on trends.

More Splendid Features

Partial Refund/Exchange/Cancel

Customer can raise the request for refund/exchange/cancellation of partial order.

Global Shipping

Global shipping amount can be charged on the order/categories against refund/exchange.

Stock Management

Easy & automated stock management post the fulfillment of refund/exchange/cancellation request.

Automated Email Notifications

Get notified on each step with automated email system. This will help in creating a thread of emails with quick responses to the customers.

Integration With ShipEngine & ShipStation

Generate a return ship label post refund requests approval with integrated shipping channel.

Compatibility With Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards

Offer gift cards to your users on their refund requests upon meeting the provided conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the admin apply a minimum amount to restrict the customer to cancel their order?

Yes, the admin can apply the minimum amount cancel order functionality in the WPSwings -> RMA Setting -> RMA Policies Tab >> and set the cancel policies accordingly.

Is the client able to request a refund/exchange/ cancel as a guest?

Yes the client can request a refund/exchange/ cancel as a guest from the RMA plugin by moving in WP Swings -> RMA Setting -> General Setting and using the shortcode [Wps_Rma_Guest_Form] on any page.

Is the RMA plugin compatible with any automated and advanced Wallet system?

Yes, our WooCommerce RMA plugin is completely compatible with the Wallet system for WooCommerce, please check here

Can admin enable a single refund/exchange request per order?

Yes, the admin can provide only single refund/exchange features by going through WP Swings -> RMA Setting -> General Setting -> Enable Single Refund/Exchange Request per order through the checkbox.

Is there any possibility to redirect the customer to the shop page in the process of choosing a product in submitting an exchange request?

Yes from WP Swings -> RMA Setting -> Exchange Tab you can disable the Exchange Request With Same Product or its Variations tab and the customer will be successfully redirected to the shop page when clicking on choose product while submitting the exchange request.

Can the admin add some fees for the refund & exchange process?

Yes, the admin can put some extra fees in the refund & exchange of a product by moving in WP Swings -> RMA Setting -> RMA Policies Tab >> and then set the Refund/Exchange include tax policies accordingly.

Can the admin put some customized refund & exchange policy according to the site on the refund & exchange form?

Yes, the admin can put customized refund & exchange policy by catching in WP Swings -> RMA Setting -> Refund/Exchange Tab >> and enable the refund/exchange rules in the Appearance section and put the matter in the description box given as refund/exchange rule editor.

Can the admin provide multiple refund/exchange features on an exchange order?

Yes, the admin can provide multiple refund/exchange options by going through WP Swings -> RMA Setting -> General Setting , and below you will get a check box to Enable Refund & Exchange for exchange approved order, after going through an exchange the order then will be available for multiple refund & exchange.

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