Event Tickets Manager For WooCommerce Pro Live Demo

Event Tickets Manager For WooCommerce is an all-in-one solution for creating event management and ticketing website with WordPress. The extension lets you manage all your offline and virtual events with WooCommerce, the world’s biggest eCommerce platform.

On Demand Features

Products as events

Products As Events

Add event as a product from the admin panel by selecting Events product type. The WooCommerce extension allows merchants to add events as a product type to their eCommerce store.

Manage stock

Manage Stock

The WooCommerce merchants can use the default WooCommerce inventory management system to keep track of the tickets. This also, allows the merchants to display the number of seats/tickets left on the product page itself.

Manage tickets

Manage Ticket Content

From the Ticket Setting tab of the plugin, you can easily manage the content of the tickets. The plugin lets you upload a logo image that gives a touch of your brand to the tickets sent to your customers.

Display live location

Display Live Location

Event Tickets Manager has been integrated with Google Maps for displaying the live location of your events on the product page itself. Just enter the Google API key under the Integrations tab of the plugin to get started.

More Splendid Features

Set Price for Specific User Type

Events Tickets Manager helps you set price on the user type. In this feature you can create the user type like adult, child, teacher and student. Also you can set the price accordingly and update. Now you are ready to use this feature.

Twilio Integration

Our Event Tickets Manager plugin has been integrated with Twilio. As a result, WooCommerce merchants can send SMS notifications to their customers as updates of the event.

Download Tickets As PDF

Customers can download the tickets to your event as PDF. They just need to visit their My Account section and can easily save their tickets as a backup with just a single click.

Transfer Tickets

This is a very rare feature of our WooCommerce event management plugin. The Event Tickets Manager For WooCommerce Pro, allows your customers to transfer their tickets to a different attendee if they aren’t attending the event.

Still Confused ! How Our Event Tickets Manager For WooCommerce Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any option to share the event with others?

Yes, we have given this feature in our plugin. Go to the plugin settings>> General settings and enable Allow Ticket sharing . And, Go to the woocommerce setting >> permalinks ->change common setting from “Post Name” to “Plain” => Save Changes.

Can we add our logo to the ticket email templates?

Yes, admin can add their logo on the email template To achieve this Go to the plugin settings>> Ticket Settings>> Upload Default logo.

How can we enable the coupon conversion setting in Points and Rewards?

For this you have to go to the plugin setting > Per Currency Point and Coupon Setting > Coupon setting tab and do all the required setting accordingly.

Can we send the tickets through SMS to our customers?

Yes, our plugin is integrated with Twilio. To use this feature you need to Go to the plugin settings>> Integrations>> Enable Twilio Integration.

Can we display the live location of events on the product page?

Yes, the admin can display the live locations on the product page. For this Go to the plugin settings>> Integrations and add the Google API Key.

Can we host virtual events with your EVENT TICKETS MANAGER FOR WOOCOMMERCE PRO plugin?

Yes, you can sell the tickets to virtual events. The link to your webinars will be embedded in the tickets emailed to your customers.

Can my customers buy multiple tickets for an event at one time?

Yes, we have this feature where your customers can buy multiple tickets at a time. Admin can allow , Go to product edit page>> events tab and add the label( like name, email) , now customer can buy multiple ticket from the product page by person name or email according to label added by Admin.

Can our customers download the event ticket as a PDF?

Yes, your customer can download the event ticket as a PDF. They just need to visit their My Account section and can easily save their tickets as a backup with just a single click.

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