Go Through With Steps

Please follow the below steps so that you can understand how the plugin works exactly.

Step 1: Go to the My Account Section and Register yourself, so that you may check about the Sign-Up Point Feature.
Step 2: After successful Registration, You would be able to see the Points Tab (one of the End Point) at My account Menu section.

Step 3: Click on that Tab and check the related things like Your Total Point, Points View Log, Membership List, Share Points, Points Conversion, etc features are there.

NOTE 1) You may create your account with any user-email like for example, User-Email: demotest123@test.com and Password: demotest123@test.com, no need to create by your personal email id.
2) As it quite hard to explain all the features in a single page so we request you to please ask for the Personal Demo, where you may choose your own required settings and test the whole extension properly by turning the settings on and off.