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Points and Rewards for Tutor LMS is a plugin that allows you to reward your learners and instructors for their progress and participation in your courses on tutor LMS. Learners and instructors can further redeem these points to buy eLearning courses or eBooks.

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On Demand Features


Rewards on Birthday

This feature enables the learners and the instructors to earn point-based rewards on their birthdays.


Redeem Points

Let your learners and instructors redeem the earned points while purchasing different courses or e-books on the website


Referral Points

Students and Instructors can earn points on referrals. If a user signs up with the referrer’s link, the referrer will earn points.

Daily Login Points

Daily Login Points

The students and the instructors can also earn points for unique logins with this reward plugin.

More Splendid Features

Rewards on Course Completion

The admin can fix the points that the learners will receive on completing a course.

Course Created Points

The instructor will get a specified point for creating courses on the platform.

Social Sharing

The course link can be shared by both students and instructors on a variety of social media platforms, and when a user registers using that referral link, the referrer receives points for the referral.

Course Enrollment

Students will be rewarded with specified rewards for successfully completing the courses.

Course Review Points

Students can earn points by reviewing the course. After completing the course a pop-up will be displayed where the students are required to review the course following the rating system.

Lessons Created Points

Instructors will earn points for creating a specified number of lessons for the students.

Still Confused About How Does Our Points and Rewards for Tutor LMS Plugin Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we assign points for different events for students?

You can set the points for different events from WP Swings -> Points and Rewards for Tutor LMS -> Student Settings. From here you can set different points based on different events.

Can I set points to be awarded on the student’s birthday?

Yes, we are having this feature in our plugin, please go to Points and Rewards for Tutor LMS -> Student Settings -> Birthday Points -> Enable this setting and enter the number of points you want to award to your student. After enabling this, when the student will set his/her birthday from frontend then only the points will be awarded to the student.

How can we restrict points on login frequency?

Please go to Points and Rewards for Tutor LMS -> Student Settings -> under Points on login frequency, you can set the limit as per your need. The points will be awarded based on the “Max No of Login Frequency” setting.

How can we refer to someone?

Please go to Points and Rewards for Tutor LMS -> Social sharing settings and enable the setting, also select the mediums with the help of which you want a user can refer to someone.

Is there any way through which we can manually manage the points?

You can manage the points from the Points table and adjust the points of the students as well as the instructor.

How can we set the number of logins for awarding the points to the student?

You can set this restriction from WP Swings -> Points and Rewards for Tutor LMS -> Points on Login Frequency -> set the Max No of Login Frequency. In this condition, the points will be awarded after the threshold has been completed. E.g., Max number of Login Frequency is set to 5, and the number of points to be awarded is 50. So, when a student will log in and logout 5 times then only these points will be awarded.

Can we award the points based on user rating?

Yes, we have this feature in the plugin. Please go to WP Swings -> Points and Rewards for Tutor LMS -> Student setting -> Course Review Points -> under the “On Rating” box , you can set the on which rating the points will be awarded to the user.

E.g., if you have set it as “4” then the points will be awarded on a 4-star rating or more than not less than the required one.

Can we award the points based on the total number of students an instructor is having for a particular course?

Yes, we have this feature in the plugin. Please go to WP Swings -> Points and Rewards for Tutor LMS -> Instructor settings -> Enrolled Students -> Enable this setting and set Max No of Students Enrolled. Once the required number of students has been registered for the specific course, points will be awarded.

How can an instructor redeem their earned points?

This is for the LMS portal where any instructor can download ebooks or any downloadable material that an instructor can purchase with money or points.

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