Plugin’s Feature

This extension implements a point and reward-based customer loyalty program that makes a difference in your sales. The plugin rewards your customers with loyalty points on Sign Up, Referral, Product Purchase, Product Reviews, Social share, and other activities performed on your store. You may check each feature on your own with a Personal Demo Request.

Summarize Key Features:

Reward Points on Signup, Review, Referral.

Reward Points for each purchase of referee.

Restriction on order for each Referral Purchasing.

Notifying the customer how they can earn more points with fully customizable text.

Redeem your Points for Purchasing the Product without converting it into coupons.

Restrictions are also available for Product Purchasing through Point Feature.

Provided a conversion rate for Product Purchasing through Point Feature.

Points can also be converted in the form of Coupons.

Can set the Coupon Expiry, Coupon usage, Coupon Length, Minimum Spend, and Maximum Spend for Coupons.

Can also set the Minimum Points required for generating the coupons.

Enable disable Custom Convert Points from where Customer can also choose the number of points he wants to convert into coupons.

Reward Point on the basis of Order Total is also called Per Currency Point feature.

Provided a conversion rate for the Per Currency Point feature.

Merchant can see the Points Log as well as Coupon Details for each Customer.

Merchant can also assign Points to every customer manually.

Each customer’s activity is tracked and mapped into ViewPoints Log.

Merchant can also assign signup Points for Old Users.

Each Possible Customize Notification for Customers.

Membership Feature for all customers who have some required number of points for reach on that level.

Membership Expiration in days, weeks, months, or can be in years.

Different Products and Categories can be assigned for each Membership Level.

Reward Points on Purchasing a Particular Product, It can be set globally, category, or per-product basis.

Shortcodes are available for displaying Total Points and Membership Level.

Widgets are also provided for displaying Total Points and Membership Level along with Expiration Period.

Customers can see the Points Log as well as Generated Coupons(if any) on Points Page.