Keap Integration for WooCommerceLive Demo

Sync your WooCommerce orders, products, and contacts over the Keap CRM.

How this Keap Integration for WooCommerce Works?

Step 1
Request A demo

Request A demo

Submit a request for a personal demo for Keap Integration for WooCommerce.

Step 2
Link Demo Store with Keap

Link Demo Store with Keap

Once you get your demo website, connect it with your Keap CRM dashboard. Check this Setup Guide to learn how to connect the plugin with the Keap CRM.

Step 3
Setup Plugin & Sync Data

Setup Plugin & Sync Data

After setting up the integration successfully, sync your existing WooCommerce data to Keap. You can also do this while setting up the plugin.

Step 4
Check Instant Sync

Check Instant Sync

Make sure to check if the new data is syncing or not. Create a test order on your website to check if the data syncs properly.

Still confused ! How our Keap Integration for WooCommerce works ?

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up the connection with Keap CRM?

To set up the connection, you’ll need to login to your Keap account and go to the Keap API console and create a new app. You will get client ID and client secret ID to set up the connection. You can follow the app setup guide to check the complete process.

What feeds do we get with this integration to sync data?

The plugin comes with the following three default feeds which sync the respective data over Keap CRM:

  • Contacts Feed
  • Products Feed
  • Orders Feed
Can we create custom feeds to sync data?

Yes. You can create your own custom feeds to sync data to the Keap CRM object. For this you need to go to the feed section and click on the “Add new feed” button. It will redirect you to a new feed from where you can customize it to start syncing.

How to connect with your customer support if needed?

You can generate a ticket to explain and submit your query. Our customer support work 24*7 for help.

Can stored log data be deleted automatically?

You can set the duration you want to store the logs for in the “Settings” tab. The logs will automatically be deleted after the set duration.

Can we sync the data manually?

Yes, you can sync data manually. There are 2 options available to sync data manually:

  • Bulk Data Sync – Sync all the WooCommerce Objects of your site to the Keap CRM in One Click.
  • One Click Sync – Sync all the New/Failed WooCommerce Objects of your site to the Keap CRM in One Click.

Along with the above options, you can also sync individual Orders data from the Order edit page.

What is Instant Sync?

The instant sync feature, if enabled, synchronizes your WooCommerce data to Keap instantly according to the event selected in your respective feed.

Is it possible to create feeds with this plugin?

Yes, You can Create feeds for Products, Order and Contacts.

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