Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro Live Demo

WooCommerce Wallet System allows your registered customers to use a digital wallet on your WooCommerce store. Customers can pay for your products and services using their wallet balance.

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On Demand Features

Wallet Withdrawal Request

Wallet Withdrawal Request

Customers can submit a request to withdraw their wallet balance to their bank accounts or any other payment medium. Admin can approve, disapprove, or put on hold the withdrawal requests.

Wallet Cashback

Wallet Cashback

The admin can allow users to earn cashback rewards irrespective of the payment method. You can offer fixed or percentage cashback according to Cart and Category.

Restrict Wallet Users

Restrict Wallet Users

Admin can block users from using wallet features individually or bulkily. The restricted users can only use the remaining Wallet balance to buy products and services.

Generate QR code

Generate QR code

The users can generate QR codes for their wallets and share them with other users to receive top-ups. So, users can scan the others' QR codes and transfer money into their wallets.

More Splendid Features

Download the Wallet Transaction History

Admin can download the wallet transactions history of all users in three formats: PDF, Excel, & CSV.

Offer Wallet Credit on Favorable Actions

Admin can loyalize customers by offering credit rewards to them on favorable actions such as daily visits, signup, and product review comments.

Wallet Coupons

Using the Wallet coupon organizer, the admin can create Wallet coupons that the users can redeem to top up their wallet amount. Admin can also decide the usage limit per coupon and per user.

Wallet Amount Widget

A Wallet amount widget will display in the sidebar, letting customers view their wallet balance after they log into their WooCommerce account.

Import Wallet Balance From CSV File

Admin can download the user list in a CSV file and edit the wallet balance of any user. Afterward, Import the CSV file to implement the updated balance.

Wallet User Invite

Admin can allow wallet users to invite their knowns to join the Wallet System. It is for inviting users outside of your WooCommerce store and increasing the wallet user base.

Still Confused! How does Our WooCommerce Wallet System work?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we restrict any user from accessing the wallet?

You can go to the wallet user table from the wallet tab and click on the restriction toggle of any users you want to restrict.

Can the admin show a customized message for the wallet users on the withdrawal request form?

Yes, the admin can enter a customized message in the General Setting > Message For Customers box. It will display under the Notes field of the withdrawal request form.

How do I allow users to pay for WooCommerce subscription products using their wallet balance?

Our WooCommerce Wallet System is compatible with Subscriptions For WooCommerce and Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro. Users may use the Wallet partial payment feature to pay for subscription products and set up top-up subscriptions.

Can I create custom coupons for the Wallet System Plugin?

Yes, go to the Wallet Coupons section from the admin menu and click on ‘Add New Wallet Coupons’ to create wallet coupons for your customers.

Can the admin download or copy the wallet translation history?

The admin can export the WooCommerce wallet transaction table from the Wallet Transactions tab in a PDF, CSV, or Excel format.

Can the admin set a limit on the wallet recharge amount for customers?

Yes, the admin can set a minimum/maximum limit on wallet recharge amount from the General settings.

Can we decide the order status for providing the wallet cashback on product sales?

To do this, go to the Wallet Cashback tab, click on the “Process wallet cashback” dropdown, and can select in which order status you want to provide the cashback to the user.

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