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Partial COD For WooCommerce allows you to authenticate COD (Cash on Delivery) orders by charging customers a partial amount at the time of COD order placement.

On Demand Features

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Set User Roles

Admin can select the users that are required to pay the partial payment on COD orders. Select from these user roles: Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, Customer, and Shop Manager. By default, all users have to pay the partial COD.

Partial Payment By Coupons

Partial Payment By Coupons

Allow customers to redeem coupons to pay the partial amount on their COD orders. Also, you can set a limit on the amount that is payable using coupons.

Six Partial Payment Methods

Six Partial Payment Methods

Partial COD For WooCommerce gives you the option to impose any of the four partial payment methods, i.e., Order-Wise, Product-Wise, Tax-Wise, Category- Wise, Shipping-Wise, and Global Setting.

Supports Payment Gateways

Supports Payment Gateways

It supports Razorpay, PayPal, PayU, and Paytm as payment options for your customers to pay the partial amount for placing COD orders.

More Splendid Features

Set Maximum And Minimum Amount For Partial Payment

Set the maximum and minimum cart subtotal amount within which the customers have to pay the partial amount. They will only be required to pay the partial amount if their COD order value falls within the limit.

Set the Global Partial Payment Amount

Implement a common partial amount on all COD orders irrespective of the cost of the ordered product.

Set Deposit Type For Partial COD Orders

You can select the deposit type of partial payment on COD orders as Fixed or Percentage. For the Fixed deposit type, a fixed partial amount is changed based on the product cost. And for the Percentage deposit type, a fixed percentage of product value is deducted as the partial amount.

Category - Wise Partial Payment

Set different partial COD amounts for different product categories. You can also decide the partial deposit type for each category.

Condition For Shipping/Tax-Wise Partial Payment Methods

You can charge the shipping/tax amount as the partial COD payment from customers and collect the rest on order delivery.

Compatible With WPML

Language is not a barrier for Partial COD For WooCommerce because it is compatible with WPML.

Are You Still Confused About How Partial COD For WooCommerce Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we set any limits/amounts for applying partial cod?

Yes, you can set the maximum and minimum amount within which you wish to allow Partial COD. To do this, please go to the General Setting tab >> Set maximum amount for COD >> Set minimum amount for COD. Enter the maximum and minimum values and click on Save Settings.

Which payment gateways does your plugin support?

Presently, our plugin supports four main payment gateways: PayU, PayPal, RazorPay, and Paytm.

Are there any options for the admin to deduct the partial COD amount product-wise?

Yes, you can set the partial cod product-wise. Please go to the General settings and click on the Enable Partial COD Product-wise toggle. You can set the partial deposit amount for the individual product from the product edit page.

Can we customize the partial deposit message?

Yes, you can customize the partial deposit message. To do this, go to General Setting >> Partial deposit message and edit the partial COD message. To save your changes, click on Save Settings.

My customers want to pay the partial payment using the coupon code. Is it possible?

Yes, it is. Your customers can pay the partial payment using the code. To enable this feature, please go to the General Setting, and click on Enable Partial Payment Using Coupon.

Can we set the Maximum amount of coupons applied for partial payment?

Yes, after enabling partial payment using coupons, you will automatically get the option to set the maximum amount of coupons applied for the partial payment.

Can we set the order-wise partial payment?

Yes, you can set the partial payment order-wise. To allow this feature, please go to the General Setting tab, click on the Enable Partial COD Order-Wise toggle, and save your changes.

If we are trying to add some other payment gateway which is not present in your plugin then what we have to do?

For this first, we have to check the possibility of the gateway that you want to add after that we can proceed with customizations.

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