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Utilizing the Bookings for WooCommerce PRO, you can easily create an online booking system that provides sustainable booking solutions with flexible booking slots, autonomous scheduling status updates, easy booking management, flex booking cancellations/reschedulings, and booking refunds with RMA capabilities.

On Demand Features

email reminder

Different pricing on different dates

The admins can set different prices for a variety of dates. It provides them with the flexibility of providing the customers with dynamic pricing.


Booking Cancellation Allowed

Admin managers can easily offer easy cancellations for their customer’s bookings by utilizing the Cancellation Allowed settings in the product backend.

Configurable time

Configurable Booking Start and End Times

Admin managers can now easily configure the exact date/time of their booking’s start and end conveniently utilizing the Availability Settings tab.

Reschedulable booking

Single Calendar and Dual Calendar

The merchant gets a chance to toggle between Single or Dual Calendar based on the requirements of your organization.

More Splendid Features

Automated Booking Status Update

You can easily automate your customer booking request status by utilizing the plugin features. In order to set up just head towards the General Settings tab and make use of the two toggle options i.e. Change Status to Processing, Change Status to Cancelled available there and mention the specific days.

RMA Compatibility

The Bookings for WooCommerce PRO plugin is capable of providing outstanding refunds to customers whose booking requests have been cancelled by the admin or cannot be fulfilled. Refunds can be performed manually or by utilizing the automated Return Refund and Exchange For WooCommerce Free plugin.And RMA Return Refund & Exchange for WooCommerce Pro plugin.

Booking Management on Behalf

You can now easily manage your registered customer’s WooCommerce bookings from your site’s backend on behalf of your customers with ease. This option lets you serve your customers being their booking agents, just utilize the plugin backend setting tab i.e. Add Booking Order and offer easy booking management.

Specify People Types for Bookings

You can now conveniently create different People Types for your WooCommerce bookings orders and can offer your customers to easily pick them while placing their booking requests using the booking form at the frontend.

Unlock Global Cost Rules

Admin managers can now quickly and simply define multiple global rules for the cost of their customers' booking requests. You'll need to use the Global Cost Rules tab in the plugin backend to create such rules.

Share Booking Solution on Social Media

You can now effortlessly share your booking products on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter making use of the outstanding Integration Settings tab from the plugin backend and integrating your App-ID along.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a setting in the plugin backend that automates the booking status update after a specified number of days?

Yes, you can easily automate your customer booking request status utilizing the plugin features. To set up just head towards the General Settings tab and make use of the two toggle options available-

  • Change Status to Processing automatically updates the status to processing after specified days given in the text box below.
  • Change Status to Cancelled, which automatically updates the status to canceled after specified days given in the text box below.

Can we show the booking policy to our customers?

Yes, admin managers can easily display their booking policies on the website, along with the booking form. To perform that, they are just required to head towards Plugin Settings -> Booking Form Setting, enable the Show Booking Policy toggle button, and then set the booking policy in the textbox below that.

How can we enable the coupon conversion setting in Points and Rewards?

For this you have to go to the plugin setting > Per Currency Point and Coupon Setting > Coupon setting tab and do all the required setting accordingly.

Is your Bookings for WooCommerce plugin integrated with Facebook?

Yes, our Booking for WooCommerce plugin is integrated with Facebook and Twilio.

How can I send a booking reminder through Text/SMS?

We have integrated our plugin with Twilio you can use Twilio to send SMS reminders for any booking.

How can an admin share booking products on Facebook?

To share your booking products on Facebook, you are just required to utilize the settings in the Integration Settings tab in the plugin's backend settings. Make sure you enable the Share on Facebook checkbox widget while creating a bookable product.

Is there possibly a way through which we set up the number of days to send pre-booking reminder Emails/SMS?

Yes, admin managers can easily set the number of days for which pre-reminder emails/text messages should be sent. They are required to take advantage of the Reminder Settings tab in the plugin's backend settings to implement that.

Can admin managers customize Email/SMS text used for sending booking reminders?

Yes, we have provided some placeholders for this. Using placeholders like {booking-time} for booking starting-ending date-time, {booking-name} for booking-name, and {customer} for customer-name.

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