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Advanced Product Variation allows you to display color, images, and text variation swatches for your WooCommerce variable products. It also has the option to showcase variations in a table and gallery.

On Demand Features

Variation wise gallery

Variation wise gallery

Introduce an image gallery to your product page to showcase images of product variations. You can add a slider to the variation gallery. You have the option to manage the gallery from the backend as well frontend.

Product-Wise Variations

Product-Wise Variations

Configure the variation display for your products individually. You can select the variation swatches display type, size, shape, etc.

Import export attribute

Import/Export Attribute Terms And Gallery Images

Download the collective list of all product attribute terms in a CSV file and edit their details. Then, upload the attribute terms file to implement your changes. You can also change the gallery images in the same way.

Show hide variation

Show/Hide Variation Toggle

Allow customers to show or hide product variations swatches on the shop page with a variation toggle button. You can also enable them to show or hide variations for related products suggestions.

More Splendid Features

Variation Table

Instead of using variation swatches, you can represent all product variations at once in a tabular format.

Select Label Display

You can select displays for labels such as tool-tip, above swatches, and over the swatches. Also, you can set the background and text color of the Tooltip label.

Variation Update In Cart

You can display product variations in a popup on the cart page and allow your customers to update their selected variations.

Global Settings or Swatches

You can set the variations swatches display size on the shop as well as the product page and label. It will override the product-wise setting.

Create Attributes

Our plugin provides the functionality to create the attributes in WooCommerce product >> Attributes with various display types.

Hiding Add to Cart and Quantity

You can hide the add-to-cart button and product quantity from the shop page and related products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Advanced Variation plugin show variation swatches Shop and Single product page?

Yes, the swatches plugin will show the variation swatches on both the Shop and Single Product page.

Is it possible to hide the add to cart button of the product from the shop page?

Yes, We have provided the setting under the Advanced Variation >> General Setting >> Hide add to cart button from Shop page.

Can this Advanced variation plugin allow users to use the featured image as a swatches of the product?

Yes, you can set this from Advanced Variation >> Advanced Setting >> Enable Variation Featured image setting and click on save button.

Will Product swatches plugin allow to show the variation galley for each variation?

Yes, it’ll allow you to show the variation gallery for each variation product.

How many Variations Can be made of each product?

Variation can be made according to the requirements.

Is it possible to show the variation as an image of the product?

Yes, product images can be used as a variation image of the product.

Will the Product variation swatches plugin show the variation table of the product?

Yes, advance variation tables allow to show the variation of product in tabular form.

Is it possible to import and export the attributes of the product?

Yes, it's possible through our Variation swatches plugin.

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