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WooCommerce Variation Master is a plugin that allows the admin to display variations of variable products in an attractive format. The WooCommerce Variation plugin is also easy to use and Configure and provides full control to modify the setting for each variation.

On-Demand Features


Product Variation Gallery

With this feature, the admin can add multiple gallery images for each variation and when the visitor selects the variation those gallery images will be shown.


Variation Swatches

Admins can use color and image swatches, this provides a unique way to display variations of a product, available styles, sizes, or pretty much anything else you can display.


Cart Variation Update

This feature is giving you the availability to display a popup window, with the currently added product, with some extra information for your customer.


Gallery Variation

This plugin also provides a slider for variation images which helps the customer to easily check their different variation images.

More Splendid Features

Simple & Easy Configuration

This WooCommerce product variation master is easy to configure with the latest version of WordPress.

WooCommerce Product Variation Customization

Admin can replace the variations dropdown on the product detail page with color and image swatches as well as add gallery images for each variation.

Borders And WooCommerce Product Attributes Text

You can enhance your customer's experience, with this remarkable feature. The admin can add borders and text over Swatches.

Export/Import Gallery Feature

You can import/export image swatches, attribute colors, and gallery images for each product variation.

Consistent Compatibilities

Our plugin is compatible with different browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and internet explorer.

WooCommerce Gallery Slider

The plugin comes with a gallery slider, that easily shows different variations of the product that they like.

Are You Still Wondering How Our WooCommerce Variation Master Plugin Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this plugin convert the default variations to colors or sizes etc?

We have built our products with two variations: color and size, and attributes.

Do the colors displayed on the archive or category page?

Yes, our plugin converts the default color variations or sizes drop-down into images or color swatches in a circle or square shape.

Does the woocommerce variation product swatches plugin show color or image swatches on shop and category pages?

Yes, there is a setting with which you can show colors on swatches and category pages.

Will the variation gallery appear on load instead of on-click?

Yes, there is a setting where you can show your color (swatches) on shop and category pages.

How many variations can be made for each product?

Yes, it can be possible. You just have to set one particular variation as default and assign gallery images to that variation. The gallery section will appear once the page is loaded.

How will the variation gallery image work?
  1. Go to the variable product edit page.
  2. Then navigate to variations and click on any variation.
  3. Add multiple images by clicking on – “Add Variation Gallery Images”
  4. Save changes after adding images.

Once you save the changes, the image gallery will display on that product page.

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