WooCommerce Refund And Exchange With RMA Live Demo

A full solution for your WooCommerce store's Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) policy is the WooCommerce Refund and Exchange With RMA plugin. It provides merchants with an environment that is simple to set up and administer for returns, refunds, exchanges, and other associated issues.

On Demand Features


Refund Setting

It means the user can send a refund request for the ordered product multiple times even if any of the previous refund requests is processed.


Exchange Setting

It means the user can send exchange requests for order products multiple times even if any of the previous return requests are processed.


Cancel Setting

Allow your customers not to cancel the whole order due to one. Just check the black sheep.


Wallet Setting

Provide the flexibility to your customers to get the refunded amount in e-wallets of your store.

More Splendid Features

Build Product Catalogs

The ability to combine products based on timely needs is provided by catalog settings. For example, during holiday seasons, merchants can put up a catalog of products for festivals and create a common refund and exchange policy based on WooCommerce for that.

Include or Exclude the Shipping Cost

With the help of this plugin, you can add or exclude the shipping costs related to refunds and exchanges.

Manage the Stock

When a request is satisfied, the merchant can control the stock of the swapped or returned item. A product that has been returned or exchanged is added to the product stock if the setting is enabled.

Add a Bank Details Field

This plugin provides a manual way to show the bank data field, which can be used for cancellations, exchanges, and refunds. The admin can gather the customer bank details in COD orders by setting it up.

Communicate through Emails

The email communication between sellers and customers is made possible by the plugin's clever architecture. It informs both parties of the current developments.

Add Custom Status To Mark Your Progressing Refund and Exchange Process

Refunding or exchanging money requires several actions. Merchants can specify the custom status for each stage using the WooCommerce refund and exchange plugin.
A product's order status changes to "Refund Requested" when a customer wants a refund.

Still Confused ! How Our WooCommerce Refund And Exchange With RMA Works?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the admin add some fees for the refund & exchange process?

Yes, the admin can put some extra fees in the refund & exchange of a product by moving in WP Swings -> RMA Setting -> RMA Policies Tab >> & then set the Refund/Exchange include tax policies accordingly.

How to use a mail configuration setting ?

Please go to the WP Swings -> Refund-Exchange lite Setting ->Refund Tab –> and in the most below you will get all the emails to configure for you accordingly.

How to use Refund Policy in Mail Configuration basic settings?

Go to RMA Configuration Setting -> Mail Configuration -> Basic Setting -> Refund Policy Setting.
You can create two types of refund policy-

  1. Fixed price refund policy
  2. Percentage base refund policy.
Can the admin limit the number of attachments for a customer in the order messages ?

Yes, the admin can limit the no. of attachment by going through WP Swings -> Refund-Exchange lite Setting ->Refund Tab –> Enable Attachment and Enter the no. of attachment in the attachment box given below enable attachment setting.

Is the client able to request a refund/exchange/ cancel as a guest?

Yes the client can request a refund/exchange/ cancel as a guest from the RMA plugin by moving in WP Swings -> RMA Setting -> General Setting and using the shortcode [Wps_Rma_Guest_Form] on any page.

Can the admin set a form for the COD Orders to collect the customer bank details?

Yes the admin can collect the customer bank details in COD Orders by enabling the checkbox to Show Bank Details Field For Manual Refund from WP Swings -> RMA Setting -> General Setting.

Is the RMA plugin compatible with any automated and advanced Wallet system?

Yes, our WooCommerce RMA plugin is completely compatible with the Wallet system for WooCommerce.

How to set the order status for the orders which need to be refunded ?

It’s very easy to set up. Go to the WP Swings -> Refund-Exchange lite Setting ->RMA Policies Tab -> and Select the order status in which the order can be refunded.

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