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Save Cart Later is a WooCommerce cart enhancement plugin that lets your customers save their cart for later purchases. The save cart later plugin reduces the cart abandonment rate substantially, as customers can return later to complete their purchase without the hassle of finding the products again. The online shoppers just have to click a single button to add their product back to the main cart.

On Demand Features


Guest User Authorization

With the Save Cart Later plugin, you can allow even the guest visitors to save their cart. Obviously, the merchant can fix the duration for which the cart will be saved.


Full Button Customization

The customers saved their carts just by pressing a single button. Merchants can customize the button and design it to resonate with their brand.


Filter Product & Categories

As a store owner you can filter and select the products for which you want to add the save cart later functionality.


Move Saved Items To Cart

Admins can allow their customers to add their saved cart product back to the main cart in a single click.

More Splendid Features

Product Vendor Compatibility

Save Cart Later is made compatible with the Product Vendor For WooCommerce plugin. This means you can implement the save cart later functionality to your multi-vendor online store.

Optimize Cart

It extends the functionality of the core WooCommerce cart for better usability. Basically, Save Cart Later is a WooCommerce cart optimizer plugin.

Reduces Cart Abandonment Rate

With the Save Cart Later plugin in your WooCommerce arsenal you can substantially reduce the cart abandonment rate.

Hide Functionality

Hide the save cart later functionality for specific products in your store.

Save & Share Cart

Save & Share Cart helps customers to share their shopping carts with others for the checkout process.

Show List Using Shortcode

Use the shortcode to show a list of the products chosen by the customer.

Still Confused ! How Our Save Cart Later Works?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the save cart later plugin work?

After successful activation of the plugin from ‘General Setting’ customers will get the ‘Save Cart Later’ button on the cart page, by clicking on that button customers can save their products on the cart page for later purchase.

Can we show the save cart later button to Guest users too?

Yes, the plugin provides a setting that allows the guest user to save their product into the cart for later purchase.

Is there any time limit for guest users to save the cart for later products?

Admin can set the number of days, weeks, months, or years he wants to save the guest user’s products on the cart page. After that limit, the products will be automatically removed from the ‘Saved Cart List’.

Can Admin customize the ‘Save For Later’ button according to their requirements?

Yes, the ‘Save For Later’ button is fully customizable. Admin can change all the physical properties of this button like Button Color, Button Text, and Button Text Color.

Can Admin show the ‘Save For Later Button’ only on specific products?

Yes, the plugin provides ‘Product Settings’ by using this setting admin can include/exclude products and include categories on which they want to show the button.

How Can we show the ‘Save Cart For Later’ button only for a particular category?

Go to the Settings to the ‘Product Settings’ tab from where you will get a ‘Select Product Categories for Showing Save Cart Later Button’ setting, click on the box and select categories from the dropdown on which admin wants to show the button.

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