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RMA WCFM For WooCommerce Plugin provides an easy refund, exchange, and cancel request interface for the purchased product to customers/guest users available at WCFM marketplace. One can avail the benefits of both WCFM and RMA utilizing this plugin.

On Demand Features


Login as Vendor

Are you a Vendor?? Don’t worry, check your roles and authorization regarding accepting and rejecting the refund/exchange request from here


Login as Customer

You're a Customer, right? Here you can check the orders and make your refund and exchange requests.


Login as Admin

As an admin you can make sure what permission you want to give to your vendor or customers, please check from here.

Personal Demo

Get Personal Demo

If you want a personalized demonstration of the plugin, visit this link to get it.

More Splendid Features

Store Owner Empowerment

Utilizing the features of the plugin, admin can provide its vendors the capability to handle refund/exchange requests and take action on them instead of just passively monitoring them.

Integrated Platform for Return/Refund/Exchange/Cancel Request Management

RMA WCFM For WooCommerce provides a straightforward and comprehensive interface for refund, exchange, and cancellation requests using WooCommerce. Merchants can use settings in the backend to manage refund, exchange, and cancellation requests from customers up front. The store administrator can quickly accept, reject, or handle them.

Wallet Settings

By employing the wallet settings that are available, which can be accessed from the backend, refunded amounts can be received and processed in the client wallet.

Stock Management

Easy & automated stock management post the fulfillment of refund/exchange/cancellation request.

Automated Email Notifications with Customizable Templates

Utilize an automated email system to receive updates on each step. As a result, a series of emails with prompt consumer responses will be created. RMA WCFM For WooCommerce has default email templates, but you can modify them to fit your brand's aesthetic and informational hierarchy.

Enables Provision of Predefined List of Return/Refund/Exchange Explanations

To facilitate the refund/exchange processes smoother, the manager can define a predetermined set of reasons for reimbursements or replacements.

Still Confused! How Our RMA WCFM For WooCommerce Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for using WooCommerce RMA for WCFM?

Before installing this extension make sure you have installed WCFM marketplace and WooCommerce on your store.

How can vendors manage refund and exchange requests?

Yes, The vendor can manage the refund and exchange request. To do that, you first need to go to WooCommerce >> Click on RMA Configuration >> Click on RMA for WCFM >>Enable the Allow Vendor to manage the Refund and Exchange request setting >> Click on Save Changes button.

Where will the vendors find the Refund and Exchange requests?

After the plugin is installed, the vendor will find the “RMA Requests” tab in the WCFM Dashboard left menu.

How will the vendor manage the amount of refund to customer wallets?

To manage the amount of refunds to the customer wallet, the vendor needs to enable the following settings.

  • First, go to WooCommerce
  • Click on RMA Configuration
  • Enable Allow Vendor to Refund Money in Customer Wallet setting
  • Click on Save Changes button.
How to provide permission to the vendor to manage the stock post refund?

The vendor can manage stock after enabling the related settings. Follow the steps to configure the settings:

  • Go to WooCommerce
  • Click on RMA Configuration
  • Enable Allow Vendor to Manage Stock of Refunded Products
  • Click on Save Changes button.
How to exactly configure mail settings in WooCommerce RMA for WCFM?

We are providing an automated email system. In an automated mail system, we have provided a mail configuration setting form. There, merchants can write or customize text and settings that he/she wants to send to customers when he/she is approved, cancel and so on.

These emails provide communication between customer and merchant.

  • Go to WooCommerce
  • Click on RMA Configuration
  • Mail Configuration setting
  • And from this setting, you can set the complete mail setting for WooCommerce refund and exchange (WooCommerce RMA) process.
Do I need to get the License updated after every update?

No, once you purchase the plugin, you will be issued a lifetime license to this plugin and no updates will be required (until any company policy changes).

How to use Refund Policy in the Mail Configuration basic setting for WooCommerce RMA for WCFM plugin?

Yes, you can add multiple order bumps in the pro version.

  • Click on RMA Configuration
  • Mail Configuration setting
  • Basic Setting
  • Refund Policy Setting
  • In this setting, you can enable the price based policy setting for creating rules to deduct the amount of refund between the selected time frame.

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