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Mautic Integration for WooCommerce connects WooCommerce stores with Mautic. Sync your contacts in real-time with Mautic. Dynamic segmentation, boosting sales by recovering abandoned carts, rendering Mautic forms, creating targeted marketing campaigns, and RFM scoring based on the customer behavior are chief attractions of this integration.

On Demand Features

Automatic data sync

Automatic Data Sync

Sync your WooCommerce data like contacts, orders, subscriptions, etc. in real-time with Mautic instantly or every 5 minutes.

Custom fields

Custom Fields

Capture contacts information and order data in Mautic custom fields which further works as Mautic tokens for dynamic values in emails. Also, these custom fields values can be used in creating campaigns.

Predefined segments

Pre-defined Segments For Customers

19 pre-defined Mautic segments help you to categorize your potential customers into subsets based on the preferences/WooCommerce attributes

Dynamic Coupon Codes

Dynamic Coupon Codes

Generates dynamic coupon codes automatically for customers on the RFM calculation basis. You can also map WooCommerce coupons for the segments

More Splendid Features

Make Sale on Abandoned Carts

Capture and sync lost cart information via checkout form for registered as well as guest users.

Historical Data Sync

Syncs your historical data over Mautic with “one-click sync.

Add Tags on Order/User-based Activities

Add tags to your contacts and orders based on products bought, user roles, SKUs bought, product categories, and much more.

Field to Field Sync

Creates 70+ best practiced Mautic custom fields. You can map your existing WordPress user meta fields to the newly created Mautic custom fields.

Mautic Website Tracking

Track your user-data, order activities, and customer behavior on your WooCommerce store with Mautic Website Tracking.

Error Tracking

Check all your errors by downloading a log file.

Create Targeted Campaigns

Create highly adaptive and converting campaigns targeting your segmented customers.

Render Mautic Forms

Efficiently use Mautic forms on your website, view, and edit their fields.

Are You Still Confused About Mautic Integration for WooCommerce?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this plugin support connection with (Cloud Account)?

Yes, the plugin can be connected with the account.

Can I sync my store’s old orders to Mautic?

Yes, the One-Click sync feature of the plugin can be used to sync your old order details to Mautic.

How to add specific tags to contacts in mautic ?

Go to the Plugins panel in WordPress admin -> settings. You can add your tags in the field provided. You can also add predefined tags like the purchased product, SKU, categories, user roles with the pro version of the plugin.

Can I assign coupons to contacts in mautic?

Yes, the pro version has a dynamic coupons feature that will allow you to assign coupons to contacts in mautic.

What is the Field to Field Sync feature?

The Field to Field Sync feature provides a mapping between the exciting WordPress user meta fields and Mautic contact custom fields.

Is this plugin compatible with mautic 4.x?

Yes, we have added compatibility with the Mautic 4x version in our latest release.

Does this plugin create Segments?

Yes, the plugin creates 20 predefined segments in your Mautic account. You can check the list of custom fields that the plugin creates here

Can I sync my store’s old customers to Mautic?

Yes, the One-Click sync feature of the plugin can be used to sync your old customer details to Mautic.

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